Monday, March 7, 2016

"Throwing The Book At You"

Well, for those of you who've been keeping up, I finally did it. When I first started out with this internet stuff I was posting poems. Most of them are a little dark and twisted, much like my mind. Some are a little more..."sugary".
As I mentioned on here, I was asked to submit some to a book that was being published. Well it's that time. The book has officially been listed on Nook. Or Barnes and Noble or something like that. It's one of those "ebooks" I guess they call them. 

I've not read it yet because I can't figure out how to print up a copy. Let's face it, I'm not tech savvy at all. I know it's got about 8 or 9 of my poems in it though. So here I am shamelessly self-promoting because I can't afford a marketing team. I reckon that means I've gotta get you guys to recommend it to friends or whatnot. 
Some of you guys have asked me before about publishing a collection of my work. You guys are twisted like that and I love that about you. So, we will consider this a "trial run". If this little ebook thing does well enough then I'll be publishing my complete collection. (Once I figure out how). That one will include some as yet unreleased writings. 

So I'm including a link below to where you can find this book. The cover photo is mine so no copyrights were infringed upon. I hope you guys enjoy it, review it or whatever else people are supposed to do with ebooks. I welcome your feedback so I know what to do or not do next time. You're also welcome to contact me directly at  It's priced at $3.00 so I've gotta sell like a half million copies (do they call them "copies" for Internet books?) to make enough money to buy some lunch next week. 

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