Monday, November 16, 2015

"The Thugs of Olive Garden"

More and more often I see this. Uniformed officers asked to leave because they're carrying guns (TGIF Franklin,TN and Olive Garden Kansas City,MO) being told "we don't serve cops" (Dunkin Donuts Hartford,CT), and being refused service (Arby's Pembroke Pines,FL).
Just this past week, in Baltimore, an officer was punched and knocked to the ground by a guy while several citizens stood around and watched him wrestle with a female officer afterward. Someone even videoed the whole thing. Did anyone offer assistance? Nope. They can video and "oohh and ahh" but no one will step up to help. Situations like this are occurring more often. 

Some have said that the tension between citizens and officers started after the Michael Brown case. They escalated again after Freddy Gray. Both incidents resulting in riots and looting. Videos surface that incite rebellion against police officers, people threatening the lives of law enforcement. 
I've spoken with people about this while at truck stops. Some have said it's racially motivated. Except, apparently, when a black guy puts on a badge they quit seeing him as black. Interesting twist but I don't buy it when they play the race card. Videos surface wherein people try to claim all cops are racist regardless of a cop's color. Again, I call nonsense. 

Let me put this as simply as I can, folks. We live in a society. We have rules and laws. The police are law enforcement. Don't blame the cops for enforcing laws you don't like. Not their fault. You want to show your unhappiness about having to live by laws, tell the law makers. Looting your own village is stupid. Here, I'll say that again: looting. your. own. village. is. stupid. 
"We don't like that we get in trouble with the cops when we break the law." Yeah yeah. So quit breaking the law, moron. Or move somewhere that encourages lawlessness. Pillaging like a bunch of angry pirates is NOT how laws get changed. Acting like an angry 3 year old towards law enforcement officers isn't going to go well for you. When your restaurant is getting robbed who are you going to call, your fellow looters? 

These big restaurant chains that are starting to kick out uniformed officers and soldiers carrying their side arms, their corporate offices issue apologies later. The corporate mouthpiece says something like, "our manager made an error in judgement." No. Me wearing spandex, that would be an error in judgement. A bad, bad, bad one. Kicking out the person you'd call for help because you don't like their uniform? That's just idiotic. Don't confuse that with "an error in judgement". What they SHOULD be doing is making those employees apologize. Then firing them for "blatant stupidity". Look, if these managers have to be retrained on the restaurant's gun policy so they know "good guys with guns, good. Bad guys with guns, bad" then maybe these chains should consider the people they're hiring. These people are clearly at the bottom of the intellectual gene pool. 
I know times are tough. I get it. But there are plenty of actual intelligent people available to hire instead of these nitwits. If any employee of mine makes an armed officer leave then the only "training" that employee will get will be instructions on how to file unemployment. It's just that simple. 

These officers put their lives on the line every day. Not just the days they reach for their uniform but every time they walk out their door. They may have done things that resulted in saving your life without you even knowing it. Yet they get shunned and disrespected by the very people they're here to protect. They get their lives threatened simply for doing a thankless job many people are too cowardly to do or simply aren't bright enough to do. The very same people who would call 911 demanding justice. 

Get your act together people! Don't blame the police for doing their job. Don't like the police? Don't break the law and you'll deal with them less. 

The same goes with you folks who seem to have a problem with military personnel. They put their lives on the line to fight for your freedom. Give them the respect and honor they deserve. Remember, among the freedoms they fight for is your freedom to leave. You want to disrespect the flag they are fighting for, leave. It's that simple. Go to a lawless country without freedoms. I'll help you pack, I've got no problem with that. 
As a kid I never imagined I'd grow up in an America where cops and soldiers were treated like criminals while criminals and thugs were regaled and treated like martyrs. 
These soldiers, just like the police, do a job these ignorant thugs aren't brave enough to do. These people who disrespect soldiers and our country's flag? I doubt they have the aptitude to sort an 8 pack of crayolas without aid. 

I see posts wherein people are openly insulting our armed forces. Or posts where one liberal or another will refer to vets as trained killers not to be trusted. Or war mongers. Etc etc. "Why do we need soldiers here? No one attacks us here." 
You buncha Chowderheads, you're safe BECAUSE of these soldiers and the police. They're the entire reason you have the freedom to act as stupid as you do. 

I'm not saying that insulting the people who live to protect you is stupid but...wait. Yes. Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. These people kicking out the cops, the ones insulting soldiers, those stepping on our guys, have you been tested for mental retardation? I mean if you're genuinely disabled then I might understand the depth of your stupidity. Otherwise, you guys have no excuse. 

It's almost as though our society was bent on proving deterministic chaos is thriving and that scares the hell outta me. I've never wished for an alien invasion so badly. (E.T. Aliens, not illegal immigrants. That one's been happening for decades). 

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