Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"Don't Tell Me Who Matters"

I wanted to give France enough time to mourn its loss before posting this. Before talking about something that I find offensive. Ironic, really, since the post that I'd had scheduled for today was about how inured I'd become with how we Americans are offended by every little thing. Guess I can scratch that post now. Too bad; it had some humor to it. 
So what has me so bothered that I'm having to edit (and you'll see later, censor) myself? Well, let me start at the beginning. Or the middle as it may be. 

See, I love me some Taco Bell. So I stopped at the TA truck stop in Greencastle,PA since they've got the Bell next door. As I pull in I see they are flying the American flag at half mast. Wanting to confirm my assumption as to why, I asked inside. They looked at me like I had been living in a cave and said "because of the terrorist attacks in France."
Respect for innocent lives needlessly lost. The manager of that TA in Pennsylvania didn't know any of the people who were murdered but wanted to show respect and sympathy from half a world away. Had that manager been working I'd have gladly shook his hand. 

People's actions tell a lot about what kind of person they are. We can agree on that, right? Respectful people deserve our respect. You agree? Me too. So here comes the other shoe...

Here lately I've seen posts saying "F%*k France". It's hashtagged in all sorts of Tweets. How callous can you get? To steal a thought that was shared to me: these people would feel completely differently if one of their loved ones had been among those lost. I'm paraphrasing but the sentiment remains the same. Mercifully, this time it wasn't here but it has been before and there's no guarantee it won't be again. Especially since Emperor Obama thinks it's a good idea to invite unknown Syrian refugees to come to America. (One of his dumbest moves yet. And he's funneling them in through the most "French" state in the Union, Louisiana).
I know people who have family abroad. Had any of them been injured and someone responded with that level of disrespect I'd throat punch them. No, I don't mean that figuratively. I would quite literally bring those disrespectful assholes grave bodily harm, personally, given the opportunity. 

 I've read articles about how the folks at "Black Lives Matter" have said they don't care about France or its problems. In fact, they're upset that the news of the attacks is out shining that group's agenda. 
Seriously? They want us to take their movement seriously yet they have no respect for the innocent victims? They hurl obscenities regarding an entire nation during one of that nation's worst tragedies yet want us to feel sorry for their ignorant, "entitled", whiny asses? No. You lose your credibility. You lose any and all sympathy from me. 

Here's a bit of history for you: One day after the September 11 attacks, Le Monde, the famed French daily, ran a full front page editorial under the headline "NOUS SOMMES TOUS AMÉRICAINS," which translates to: "We Are All Americans." The very first sentence was: “In this tragic moment, when words seem so inadequate to express the shock people feel, the first thing that comes to mind is this: We are all Americans". They did NOT say "F%^k America." 

France played a key role in aiding the colonies during the American Revolution. They sent us supplies, troops and money to help us win our independence. They left themselves deeply in debt financially to do so. Without the help of France, Spain and the Netherlands this country would not have won its independence. What they did NOT do is say "F*^k the colonies". 

In 1886 the French even sent us a gift. A little thing we call the Statue of Liberty. Engraved on the pedestal for that statue it reads: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."
It does NOT say anything indicating they didn't care about our problems. 
Yet I see people posting on Facebook "what did France ever do for us?" What did France do? They helped us create this country. They mourned with us when we were attacked by terrorists. They stood by us during the darkest parts of our history. They put themselves in debt to stand with us. They've been our allies since before we were even a NATION. 
Before we became so self-centered and so self-absorbed as people that we disrespected them during one of their darkest times. 

You addle brained jackasses who lack respect for innocent victims, you racists who can't understand that ALL lives matter, not just the black ones, you aren't worthy of respect. You're nothing more than hypocrites. 

(Upon rereading this prior to posting I'd like to make a correction here. I say "all lives matter" but I know I don't mean that. Terrorists, radical Islamists who seek to impose their will through wanton death and destruction: your lives actually DON'T matter to me or to anyone else. Jihadists who wish to destroy us: your lives don't matter. To all of us you consider Infidels, you are nothing more than a plague that needs to be eradicated. The world truly is a better place without you.) 

Yeah, I probably sound like I'm irritated with these "Black Lives Matter" people. That's because I am. "Waa! We are so oppressed. Waa! We should be entitled to whatever we want. Waa! We should be allowed to commit crimes without fear of justice." Blah blah blah. Meanwhile, 2 black men, police officers, are charged with murder after gunning down an unarmed white man in Louisiana. The hail of bullets also killed the man's 6 year old autistic son. Because that little boy wasn't black does HIS life not matter?! Is there a rally demanding "justice"? Is there looting or rioting? No. In fact, it gets quickly glossed over on the news because it doesn't fit anyone's agenda. 
Soldiers of every ethnicity are killed fighting a war to keep these racist, "Black Lives Matter" people safe. Do those SOLDIER'S lives not matter?! Innocent blood is spilled by terrorists globally. And you disrespect the victims because they took time away from your "movement"?! Which is ironic when you think about it. There were black lives that were ended in the attacks in France. Are you guys saying since they weren't part of your group then THEIR black lives didn't matter?
We are all being attacked by a common enemy. One which our President is sending reinforcements from Guantanamo Bay, by the way. Now is the time to grow up and actually unify if you want to institute change. 

Yeah, we get that all these people in the "Black Lives Matter" group had rough lives. They feel they should get paid more for unskilled jobs like pulling fries out of the fryer than firefighters get paid for saving lives. 
They didn't have access to college, despite the NAACP or the United Negro College Fund. They didn't have access to good jobs despite Affirmative Action or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. They didn't have access to anything to help them. They didn't have access to the same schools as everyone else. Oh wait, they had access to all of these things. Maybe their lives are difficult because of their own choices and actions. Maybe people just didn't respect them enough because people's actions tell a lot about what kind of person they are. 

Maybe, just maybe, if these people put as much effort into improving their lives as they put into finding someone to blame then their lives would already be better. No, I don't feel these people are entitled to anything except to leave. Go to Mexico or Central America and see how rough life actually is for those without opportunities. Go to Africa where Jewish people were slaves for centuries and see how difficult life truly is. Maybe you'll learn to appreciate the opportunities you actually have here. Maybe you'll learn the value of respect. And, if you don't, then just tell them you're "entitled" to whatever you want because you say so. 

I don't care what color a person is, what their sexual preference is or what type of vegetables they like, if they treat others with respect then I will treat them with respect. Conversely, if they go around disrespecting everyone else then I have no respect for them. They could be whiter than aspirin or darker than midnight, the skin color doesn't make the person. The measure of a person's value is universal. No one life matters more than another. When a person donates blood, organs, money or anything else they don't label on it the skin color of those that gave. Nor do they discriminate who receives it by skin color, sex, religion or sexual preference. Why is that? Because we all matter equally. Every ethnicity has had its share of difficulties. The difference is that everyone else learned to overcome them instead of acting like disrespectful thugs. Your actions define you. 

(Author's note: I censored myself as much as I could in this post but, for those who I may've offended with my language, I apologize. If you'd like the language cleaned up so that you can repost if you wish, send me a message and I'll do what I can without damaging the integrity of what it is meant to convey.) 

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