Saturday, August 1, 2015

"Blizzard Inside"

Feels like I'm never going to make it through this alive 
I want to but I'm already dying inside

Another cold day in December
And I wonder, does she remember 

Lost in the freezing cold of my memory and I wonder, does she ever think of me

As I drive through the freezing rain 
I hope this cold can numb the pain

As I push on and ignore the blizzard outside
I'm trapped by the memories I can't hide

Winter rages on into January's new year
But there's no "auld lang syne" for me here

Praying that the thaw of another spring
Can help me make it through this thing

This torment, this hell I've placed myself in
And let me learn to let go and live again

While I watch another snowflake fall
I question why we bother to love at all

A feeling as discordant as Crimson on snow
When you want to hang on while they let go

Every time I think I've finally let go and surrender
I find myself wondering, does she? Does she remember me? 

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