Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Life in the Snow Globe"

So here we are with cold weather bearing down on us. "Well hello there, Jack Frost. Go away now please." Snow is starting to fall and I'll be honest, I just don't like it. 
Unfortunately, it's something that happens every year. The temperatures plummet, blizzards dropping more powder than Charlie Sheen at a bachelor party, and I've gotta start buying Christmas gifts.  Not that I mind buying Christmas gifts but I'd be fine with handing those out in tank tops instead. 

So here I am revisiting an old topic. Global warming. Tell me, do you feel exceptionally warm right now in the Northern Hemisphere? I think probably not. The only thing colder is my friend, Jeri's house. That place? Pfft. Elsa would need a parka. I'm not kidding. Last time I was there there was a polar bear standing around a burning barrel like one of those homeless guys on tv shows. I had to fetch a thermal blanket for a penguin suffering from frostbite. And that was a summer visit. 

I digress. We were discussing global warming. "Climate change", as they call it now. That's the reason I'm given for why so many steel mills and coal yards are closing down. Interesting theory. Except...
Why are we getting so much steel from China now? Or shipping them so much coal to use in steel mills? Don't they share the same planet as us? One would think that "climate change" would affect them too. 
Yet, somehow, it's only something we worry about here in the States. We've got the EPA all over us in the trucking industry. Many states have laws stating "no idling of vehicles over 5 tons longer than 5 minutes." Apparently it's perfectly ok in smaller vehicles. 

In fact, I was out in California a few years ago and there were 3 EPA trucks there for 9 hours writing tickets for idling trucks. The whole time those EPA trucks were idling in the parking lot looking for violators. 
Ever been to California? Their public buses and school buses smoke like steam engines from the 1800's. They get a pass though because they're state run. Sure, that seems to make sense. Only ticket the people who need their trucks to run so they can sleep comfortably. 
I even asked one of the EPA guys "what if you've got pets with you? It's 105 degrees outside and even hotter in these big metal trucks." He responded that that is no excuse for idling. However, if you have a pet in that kind of heat then that's animal cruelty and they'll call the sheriff out to fine you for it. Am I the only one that finds this whole situation absurd? 
I asked "well what about you guys sitting here idling your trucks for hours while you look for people to ticket?" That's the point at which he finally asked me which truck was mine. "The one of there that doesn't have ac so it's pointless to idle. Why, you wanna spend the next few hours sitting in IT while you ticket people for being comfortable?" Turns out he didn't find that option attractive. Like I'm gonna be dumb enough to have my truck running while I point out the hypocrisy of their mission? 

Can't run your truck for ac or for heat. Welcome to truck driving. Trust me, it's not for everyone. One would think that we folks driving 80,000 pound+ vehicles would be among these the government wants sleeping well. 
Now that the roads are gonna get icy and people in cars are gonna try figure skating on the highways I'm even less thrilled. I don't even put ice in my drinks, what makes nature think I want it on my roads?