Sunday, February 8, 2015


 Words can lift the saddest person or destroy your sanity. 
They use them to name us on the day we are born. 
From the sweetest kindness to the cruelest profanity. 
We use them to eulogize our dead and save the living. 
A fabrication of our own making yet so unforgiving. 
A picture tells a thousand words they say
But they can't say that with a photograph now can they
More powerful than any drug or weapon made by man
Every war or treaty was begun and ended with them
Nothing destroys love and creates hate quicker than they can
People tell you off or give you words of wisdom. 
If only so frequently words of promise and hope didn't ring hollow. 
If only we could say loving words the world could follow. 
Meaningless. Empty. Untrue and useless Maybe we could give them value and lie less

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